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Getting Noticed By a Recruiter

If you are new into the job market, there is a lot for you to learn. For most people looking for jobs, qualifications are usually not the problem. You may be the best qualified for a job but getting noticed by a recruiter is what will get you into the job of your dreams. Most people looking for jobs are usually unaware of how to bridge this gap between ability and getting the same ability noticed.

Know your abilities

There is no way you can convince a recruiter about your abilities if you are not sure of them yourself. It is therefore necessary to take a good, long look at your abilities before putting them down on your resume. It is during this stage of introspection that most of us make the blunder of setting unrealistically high standards for ourselves. Make a list of your core skills, assess how they apply for the job opening in question and present it accordingly. Simple as this may sound, you need to make sure this information is well structured and packaged to catch the attention of a Recruiter. The closer the job opening is to your skills, the better your chances of landing up with the job of your dreams.

Be Confident of your selections

Considering the scenario of the present job market, you can be rest assured that you will find a good number of openings at any given time. Many of us make the mistake of indiscriminately applying to any opening without assessing if the job sets our skill sets or not. This is understandable considering the pressures of finding a job. However, if you are assertive with your selection and only apply to jobs that fit your skill set, you will be saving yourself a lot of hard work and heart break.

Contacting the recruiter

Once you have made sure you’ve spotted the job that fits your skills the best, it is now time to contact the recruiter with your resume. The best thing about this stage is that if your skill set is in accordance with the organization’s requirements, the recruiter will not take very long getting in touch with you. Make sure you use the right medium to contact the personnel in charge. This could be a phone call, an e-mail or even a personal visit. Either way, you must understand that these processes are a tad time consuming so you have to be patient and not come off as being too desperate for the job. Once this is done, you can be rest assured you will land up with the right job sooner or later.

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