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How to Prepare and Study for Competitive Exams ?

Time management and study strategy is the key to success in competitive exams. Sooner or later every students understand this basic formula of success. But the question is How to prepare for examination? If you have right set of skills with good plan action, it means you are on the way to crack the competitive exams. Below are few key points which you should consider to include in you study routine.

Self Believe – Without confidence you can’t get any success in your life. Start believing in yourself and your abilities and see the changes.

Time management for Study – You must dedicate at least 4 hours in a day for your study.  Don’t start your study from here and there, first prepare your timetable for week. Make a not of how much time given to each subject. Always keep time for revision and mock test. This will increase your speed and knowledge and during revision you could recover missed topics. My dad always told me that morning hours are the best time to study and I don’t agree it doesn’t matter when you study but How you study is important.

Data Management – Always keep a record of what you have learnt this week. This way you will increase data bank. Keep track of completed syllabus so, you don’t get confuse what is left to study.

Sample Papers – “Practice makes a man perfect” a well-known phrase and it really works. Solve as many sample papers as you can before your final test. It will help you to adapt the style of question paper and you can build your strategy accordingly for final Exam.

Mock Tests – Before going for final test take few mock tests. This will reduce your fear of taking the real test. It will also help you to time yourself. Mock tests are created to help students to deal with time management and stress.

Don’t miss the basics – Many students study all the advance topics and miss the basics. Understanding the basics is very important to deal with all type of questions.

Stay Focused, Calm and alert – A calm and sharp mind grasp the concept easily. Don’t do anything in hurry first focus on question and then answer with correct response.

The main objective of competitive exams is not to test your knowledge but it is conducted to differentiate sharp and analytical mind from the rest.

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