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5 Kinds of Behaviors That Are Choking Down Your Career Herry Toma

Since your first day at work, there have been immense efforts at your end to make it move ahead in the best possible way. Be it the early work hours you’ve been chipping in, or the scolding you’ve been taking just to come across as an obedient employee in front of the seniors, might be a plethora of things you’ve changed about yourself. Still, at times it happens that your job seems to go for a toss and productivity falls way below the optimum notch.

Yes, securing a well-paying job was the first milestone, but what lies ahead is maintaining your professional image and making things go in your favor at the workplace. Hence, given below are a set of 5 such behaviors that are adversely affecting your career. Give it a good glance and avoid these to prevent your professional life taking the downhill route!

1) Not Adapting To The Ever-changing Surroundings

In this modern era, where the corporate world has shrunken down to the size of your computer screen, changes are quite rampant to happen at the workplace. Right from the organizational culture in your company to some of the major HR policies, one should always be on the toes to adapt in case an alteration happens. Plus, it might just happen that you come across a zillion employees with new ideas (both good and bad). Resisting and being stubborn about things in such a case, will only cause you damage if nothing else.

It’s time to embrace new concepts and ideologies at the workplace and be open minded about different outlooks to be adopted. Hence, avoid resisting any change to be the most adaptable employee around!

2) Splurging Time!
Well, you might just complain about the fatigue that steps in if work hours go beyond the limit. It’s completely fine to take breaks and give it a rest for a while, but being in the party mood all day long, would only fester things, right?

Things like surfing the net for personal business or being overly involved in social media websites, will only steal time out of your stiff schedule. What follows next is deadlines being pushed further ahead and numbers taking a dip. Obviously, any individual would want to avert the same. Hence, keep a track of time and group everything under a viable limit.

3) Always Pointing Out Problems

It might be the dysfunctional desktop you’re dealing with or the amount of workload that seems impossible to handle, there’s so much to complain about!

But, at the same instance, would that do you any good?

What employers and recruiters round the globe seek are solution finders. It’s great that you have the acumen to identify pitfalls, that forms a major chunk of problem definition. However, solution design is also a significant constraint to cater to. Pointing out glitches and taking a step back is a majorly negative trait that would definitely take your professional life for a toss. Instead, what you need is to come up with workable alternatives and keep experimenting new ideas that solve problems.

4) Getting Complacent
Surely, it’s a proud moment if your manager praises you in front of the team for the impeccably efficient work on display. But, sitting over such praises and letting complacency take a walk, would definitely hit you hard in the future.

What keeps you going ahead in the work arena is the zeal to grow. Once, you get casual, the same happens to halt and without any growth, you seem to be losing out in the competition.

5) Not Being In Line With Your Business Peers

Yes, you will be successful employee if your boss likes you and the way you handle every task. However, at the same instanceit is quite important to be in line with the interests of your co-workers as well. Being a team player is the only thing that’ll push you up in professional life.

Not being able to win over your colleagues and locking horns with them every now and then would only make things go bad from worse.
Hence, come up as a cohesive team player and be helpful to every member in the department. Who knows, this might just make things click right for you.
The list goes on till infinity. But, the bottom line is, avoiding the aforementioned will surely keep a check on your work life from taking a descent.

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